Over the past few months we (the team) have been working hard on game development, securing partnerships and expanding the project’s infrastructure to Polygon (former Matic Network) thanks to their development grant. Now that the games are live and more are on the way, the burning of RTK has resumed, which allows us to introduce buybacks facilitated by such burns. In this article we explain how such buybacks will be implemented.

Increasing price floor

Deflationary tokens such as RTK are designed based on the principle of value increase as a result of a decreasing supply while demand at the very least remains constant…

The initial distribution of AMMO has come to an end, as most of the AMMO supply has been farmed and is now held by the community. AMMO’s utility was briefly put to the test on Ethereum mainnet and although the network’s congestion made playing economically unfeasible before long, everything went as expected — most players were using fully loaded guns and the incentives to play could be maintained at no net cost to the project treasury.

So, now that the Ruletka gaming platform has migrated to Polygon (former Matic Network) — a second layer scaling solution for Ethereum — the…

Users of the Ruletka platform can now adjust RTK’s burn mechanism with a higher chance of burn, i.e. add bullets to their guns. This guide provides all details required in order to (un)load RTK with AMMO directly from Etherscan, in case our user interfaces are down for maintenance or under attack; this is the most secure, yet relatively user-friendly method to interact with our contracts, and will work 24–7 as long as Etherscan exists.

Useful information

RTK contract: 0x1F6DEADcb526c4710Cf941872b86dcdfBbBD9211

AMMO contract: 0x41D4E9880d6aE03f6E152A52afc3ECF82063A08b

RTKL2 contract: 0x66bc87412A2D92A2829137AE9dD0Ee063Cd0F201

RTKL3 contract: 0xb0f87621A43f50c3B7a0d9F58cc804f0cdc5C267

RTKL4 contract: 0x4A1c95097473C54619cB0E22c6913206B88B9A1a

RTKL5 contract: 0x63b9713Df102eA2b484196a95CDEc5d8Af278a60

Swap contract: 0xAD627D150e1A09CDc7a770427AF50232fDd1777D

RTKL(X) token assets

RTKL(X) represents the set of…

Web application attacks such as DDoS and Phishing attacks are common in the cryptocurrency space and the Ruletka ecosystem is also vulnerable to them. These attacks cannot affect smart contracts, but they can prevent users from interacting with them, effectively locking them out of the ecosystem.

Liquidity farmers are important stakeholders in the Ruletka ecosystem and should therefore always be able to interact with our farming contracts. In this guide you will find all the details you require to farm AMMO directly from Etherscan, in case our user interfaces are down for maintenance or under attack; this is the most…

In previous articles we introduced Ruletka’s first Improvement Proposal, Operation Fenix, followed by details about the distribution of AMMO. In this article we dive into the tokenomics of both RTK and AMMO after the latter is fully integrated into the Ruletka gaming platform.

In the following sections we will discuss the current limitations with fixed economic incentives for players, how AMMO will improve the platform by providing dynamic economic incentives and the resulting benefits for holders and liquidity providers of the Ruletka assets.

Ruletka assets’ supply information

Current situation: Fixed economic incentives

The application that has been used the most on the platform so far is Pot Shot, an…

In a previous post we introduced Operation Fenix, which is Ruletka’s first Improvement Proposal and includes the expansion of the Ruletka platform infrastructure with Ammunition (AMMO), a new token asset that will allow players to add bullets to their RTK gun. In this article we provide more details about the launch of AMMO and how it will be (re)distributed over time.

As already communicated in the previous post, the total supply of AMMO will be 3.5 million tokens, which will be (initially) distributed in the following manner:

• 5% airdropped to all RTK holders based on snapshot 1

• 5%…

Not long ago the Ruletka community took the initiative to safe the project from an imminent death. The Ruletka token (RTK) was suffering from low liquidity, unsustainable depletion of project reserves and limited utility. The following platform expansion is the first Ruletka Improvement Proposal (RIP) to be implemented, which aims to tackle these issues so that more RTK tokens may Rest in Peace.


Ruletka is a gaming platform based on its base asset RTK, a deflationary ERC-20 token with a 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism that simulates the deadly Russian Roulette game. …

Ruletka Token

Ruletka Token (RTK) is an incentive-based deflationary game currency. Its 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism is used in games by reward-seeking players.

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