Monthly RTK burn & redistribution of AMMO

The initial distribution of AMMO has come to an end, as most of the AMMO supply has been farmed and is now held by the community. AMMO’s utility was briefly put to the test on Ethereum mainnet and although the network’s congestion made playing economically unfeasible before long, everything went as expected — most players were using fully loaded guns and the incentives to play could be maintained at no net cost to the project treasury.

So, now that the Ruletka gaming platform has migrated to Polygon (former Matic Network) — a second layer scaling solution for Ethereum — the Ruletka ecosystem will be fully operational. In this article we dive into how the Ruletka assets will be burned and redistributed as they are used in the Game Hub.

Re-balancing the swap contract

RTKL(X) can only be unlocked from the swap contract by locking RTK and AMMO, and users can always swap back and forth between these tokens (for more details see Operation Fenix). But when RTKL(X) are burned in the games, an imbalance results in the swap contract due to an excess of RTK and AMMO. The team is able to re-balance the contract by withdrawing the excess of tokens, which is the source of funds used to maintain economic incentives for players and liquidity providers over time; this excess of tokens is calculated by subtracting the minimum amount of RTK and AMMO required to unload all RTKL(X) from the total amount of tokens locked in the contract. The minimum amounts are determined by the contract, and can be found at

RTK is the core asset of the Ruletka platform, the purpose of which is to facilitate RTK’s deflation as a result of its in-game usage; therefore, RTK “recycled” from re-balancing the swap contract will not be distributed to stakeholders. After settling any deficit in the treasury from funding the game wallets, the remaining RTK will be permanently burned, thereby reducing its supply for ever. This action will be performed during monthly burn events.

AMMO is the utility token that makes dynamic economic incentives possible, thereby facilitating the burning of RTK, as it’s constantly recycled from re-balancing the swap contract and used to incentivize players and liquidity providers. The amount of AMMO that can be recycled is dependent upon game volume and is redistributed as follows:

50% for liquidity providers
30% for players in the monthly leaderboard
20% for the project’s treasury (e.g. referral bonuses, giveaways, further development)

*If there is still a deficit of RTK in the treasury after withdrawing excess RTK, AMMO will be swapped for RTK in the open market to settle such deficit. The above percentages will then be applied to the amount of AMMO remaining thereafter.

We (the team) believe this to be a fair and sustainable allocation of the Ruletka assets over time, as it allows us to maintain economic incentives for the players and reward the actors that add value to the ecosystem, while still pursuing the core end-goal of the platform (burning RTK!).

With this approach towards asset allocation the Ruletka gaming ecosystem has aligned incentives for players, holders, liquidity providers and the team, thereby bringing the project one step closer into becoming The first fair deflationary game currency, the value of which is influenced by its in-game usage.

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Ruletka Token (RTK) is an incentive-based deflationary game currency. Its 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism is used in games by reward-seeking players.

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