Ruletka’s Operation Fenix

Not long ago the Ruletka community took the initiative to safe the project from an imminent death. The Ruletka token (RTK) was suffering from low liquidity, unsustainable depletion of project reserves and limited utility. The following platform expansion is the first Ruletka Improvement Proposal (RIP) to be implemented, which aims to tackle these issues so that more RTK tokens may Rest in Peace.


Ruletka is a gaming platform based on its base asset RTK, a deflationary ERC-20 token with a 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism that simulates the deadly Russian Roulette game. In other words, RTK is a blockchain-based 6 shot revolver loaded with a single bullet and every time a user submits a transaction he or she is at risk of getting shot!

Operation Fenix (RIP-01)

In order to achieve the aforementioned goals, Operation Fenix aims to expand Ruletka’s infrastructure with a new token asset called Ammunition (AMMO) that will allow the platform users to adjust RTK’s burn mechanism with a higher chance of burn. In other words, players will be able to load more ammunition onto their revolver, thereby increasing their chance of getting shot and winning the games!

RTKL(X) token assets
  • 5% airdropped to all RTK holders based on snapshot 2, excluding all addresses from snapshot 1 (will be taken on the last week of November / first week of December 2020)
  • 60% as farming rewards for liquidity providers of the RTK/ETH pool on Uniswap
  • 30% as farming rewards for liquidity providers of the RTK/AMMO pool on Uniswap
  • BONUS: The 10 median wallets [2] will get DOUBLE shares of the airdrop
Ruletka’s ecosystem after the implementation of Operation Fenix
Operation Fenix launch phases
  • Wider user base that also includes rational players
  • Increased burn rate of RTK
  • Sustained farming rewards for liquidity providers
  • Project reserves available for further development
  • Expanded platform infrastructure with more options for future game development

Ruletka Token (RTK) is an incentive-based deflationary game currency. Its 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism is used in games by reward-seeking players.