Distribution of Ammunition (AMMO)

In a previous post we introduced Operation Fenix, which is Ruletka’s first Improvement Proposal and includes the expansion of the Ruletka platform infrastructure with Ammunition (AMMO), a new token asset that will allow players to add bullets to their RTK gun. In this article we provide more details about the launch of AMMO and how it will be (re)distributed over time.

As already communicated in the previous post, the total supply of AMMO will be 3.5 million tokens, which will be (initially) distributed in the following manner:

• 5% airdropped to all RTK holders based on snapshot 1

• 5% airdropped to all RTK holders based on snapshot 2, excluding all addresses from snapshot 1

• 60% as farming rewards for liquidity providers of the RTK/ETH pool on Uniswap

• 30% as farming rewards for liquidity providers of the RTK/AMMO pool on Uniswap

In the following sections we dig deeper into the airdrop, the farming program and the long term (re)distribution of AMMO, followed by a FAQ section with answers to common questions.


There will be a one-time airdrop [1] to RTK holders that will be based on 2 snapshots of the RTK holders’ list, each with specific rules regarding wallet eligibility. Following these rules, the final list of eligible wallets and their claims to the airdrop will be reconciled after both snapshots have been taken; 10% of the AMMO supply will be distributed to the wallets in this final list.

Snapshot 1 (taken on October 15th, 2020):

• All wallets that held RTK during this snapshot are eligible to receive collectively 5% of the AMMO supply, based on their ownership share of the RTK supply

• The liquidity provider wallets have been included

• The project treasury wallets have been included

• All eligible wallets MUST claim the airdrop by sending 0.1 RTK to the claim address below. If they claim before snapshot 2 they will be included in the official airdrop; if not, there will still be a 3-month grace period to claim, after which it will be no longer possible. Any unclaimed tokens will be added to the project treasury.

claim address: 0x1133E5EA52656b28920A0CeD7Cb4Da8CBc94eF25

Snapshot 2 (scheduled for December 6th, 2020):

• All wallets holding RTK during this snapshot will be eligible to receive collectively 5% of the AMMO supply, based on their ownership share of the RTK supply, except for all wallets included in snapshot 1

• The liquidity provider wallets will be included, also those already included in snapshot 1

• The project treasury wallets will be included

• Eligible wallets do NOT need to claim the airdrop

• The 10 median [2] wallets in terms of RTK holdings will be airdropped DOUBLE amount of tokens, if eligible.

[1] An airdrop occurs when coins are sent for free to a wallet in a transaction started (and paid for) by someone other than the wallet owner, i.e. coins “drop from the air” into that wallet. Our airdrop is no different, AMMO will be sent to all eligible wallets by the Ruletka team.

[2] The median is another form of an average. It represents the middle number in a given sequence of numbers when it’s ordered by rank. Example: if 100 wallets are holding RTK, the wallets ranked 46 to 55 in terms of holdings are the 10 median wallets.

Farming program

After the airdrop has taken place the farming contracts will be activated. 90% of the AMMO supply will be paid out as rewards to liquidity providers (LPs) of the official Ruletka pools on Uniswap, 60% to LPs farming with RTK-ETH liquidity and 30% to LPs farming with AMMO-RTK liquidity.

The farming contracts’ reward schedules are based on 10-day periods. The AMMO pool will reward farmers with 525000 AMMO the first period, after which the rewards will halve with each new period until the contract runs out of rewards. The RTK pool will reward farmers according to the following formulas:

Formulas for calculating the RTK pool rewards on any given period

Based on these formulas the following summarizing remarks are made for the RTK pool rewards:

• The first period farmers are rewarded with 500000 AMMO

• With each new period the rewards are halved

• Every 3 periods (once a month) the rewards are increased with 0.535 times the previous reward increase. Thus, these extra rewards are also (approximately) halved every month.

• After a reward increase has taken place the rewards continue to halve in the following periods.

A graphical representation of the reward schedules for both pools are shown in the figure below.

Farming reward schedules for the official Ruletka pools

Distribution long term

The airdrop and the farming program described previously lay out the initial distribution of AMMO, i.e. the way in which it will be brought to market (see image below).

Initial distribution of AMMO

However, the new Ruletka ecosystem is designed as a closed system where AMMO is recovered and fed back into the farming program when RTK guns loaded with extra bullets are burned in the games. Thus, AMMO will continuously be redistributed to LPs and at a rate directly related to the in-game usage of the token.

We (the team) believe this to be a fair launch of AMMO, with a sustainable (re)distribution over time, where only the actors that add value to the Ruletka ecosystem are rewarded.


1. If I held RTK on October 15th, 2020, but did not do anything further, will I receive the airdrop?

No. You must claim your airdrop by sending 0.1 RTK to the claim address. In order to be included in the (official) airdrop, you must claim before December 6th, 2020.

2. If I held RTK during both snapshots in the same wallet, will I receive the full airdrop?

No. In this case you only qualify to get your share of 5% of AMMO.

3. If I held RTK during snapshot 1 and then sold all of it, will I receive the airdrop?

Yes. But you must claim before the grace period is over.

4. If I held RTK during snapshot 1 and tried to move the tokens to another wallet before snapshot 2, but burned them in the process, will I receive the full airdrop?

No. You will only receive your share of 5% of AMMO. And by the way, you could have just sold and bought from another wallet without risking burning your tokens!

5. If I provide liquidity to the AMMO/ETH pool will I be able to farm AMMO with it?

No. The only officially listed pools will be RTK/ETH and AMMO/RTK. All others will not be supported in our farming dapp.

6. After I have deposited my liquidity tokens into the farming dapp, will there be a lock-up period?

No. You will be able to withdraw your liquidity tokens at any time.

Ruletka Token (RTK) is an incentive-based deflationary game currency. Its 1 in 6 chance burn mechanism is used in games by reward-seeking players.